Version 0.1 #2 has been pushed

Version 0.1 is now finally ready to be unleashed upon the community!


  • Dynamic tools/entities to turn your Desktop into a sandbox
  • Create own tools/entities via the built-in API
  • 10 default tools provided within the package (see below)
  • Download new tools from Workshop
  • Make screenshots and publish them to

Default toolset:

  • Hammer: Clash onto your Desktop
  • Stamp: Put some Memes onto your Desktop
  • MP5: A common machine gun
  • Color gun: Has colorful decals
  • Flamethrower: Act as Hans
  • Bomb: Blow up some things
  • Headcrabs: Spawn some headcrabs on your Desktop
  • Tanks: Spawn tanks on your Desktop
  • Tesla Coil: Spawn tesla coils on your Desktop
  • Nuke: Ever wanted to push the red button...?

Please report any feedback if you want. :-)

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Mar 06, 2018

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