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This program is a casual game with the purpose to pass time via spawning and handling custom created entities on your Desktop. Therefore you will be provided with a set of tools. As a developer you can also create your own tools using AngelScript. Available tools are selected via the ingame menu. New tools can be viewed and downloaded via the ingame menu, too. You can also view/upload taken screenshots during gameplay (uploaded screenshots are available via the official game website).


  • Use: Left mouse button (Use the selected tool)
  • Clean: Right mouse button (Clean your "work")
  • Menu: TAB (Handle tools, Workshop items, screenshots and view news)
  • Screenshot: F11 (Saves a screenshot to disk)
  • Console: F12 (A handy tool for developers, e.g., to view scripting errors)
  • Exit: ESC (Exits the program)


  • Unzip the archive anywhere on your computer
  • Start the dnyCasualDeskGame.exe
  • Wait until the game is launched
  • Have fun :-)


The following basic steps are required to create a tool.

  1. Create a new folder inside the tool directory and name it according your tool name.
  2. Grab the demo_sdk.as script file, copy it inside the directory and give it the same file name as the directory is named.
  3. Create a preview image (size: 195x90) and a cursor image and place them somewhere in the directory
  4. Edit the tool script file according the provided instructions inside the script file
  5. When debugging, use the ingame console to view output


  • (C) 2018 dny.coder - Released under CC-BY-ND 4.0 Int
  • Some tool assets may be licenced under different terms, see the credits.txt files in the related tools directory

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Can we get a downloadble version ?

You can get a standalone version from www.casual-desktop-game.net